Intermediate revision package

  • Level: Intermediate +
  • Study time: 3 hours
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Course overview

This extra package will help all the Intermediate level students quickly recap the material and get back to the learning grind 🤓


  • 150 questions
  • communication with curators via "Discuss" button if you have questions or need extra explanation

Get your hands on English

Make an energetic come-back after a long pause or simply give yourself an extra challenge if you've been learning English ever since we first met!

Enjoy the bonus

This mini-course is absolutely FREE - we crated it as a bonus for our former students because we miss you and we're sure that you feel the same 😉
Meet the instructor

Hi, Veronika here!
I'm happy to see you again since we had a lot of fun in the previous course, didn't we? My team and I wanted to give you this gift-course to encourage you to keep learning no matter what! I hope you never quit English and we'll always be there to help you with that 🤗
Patrick Jones - Course author